N.26 - Sensoriality, corporeity, and sexuality in the group

Adolescent mind and neurosciences


Adolescent Mind Transformation and Neurosciences. We have lately been observing a great development both in neurophysiologic and in neuropsychological research aiming to explain and integrate, on  behalf of some scientists, how scientific breakthroughs may be of utility  in confirming the basics of the psychoanalytic theory. Neurosciences have lately been defining the structure and functions of the brain systems processing the information about the relationship with the caregiver and underlying the subjectuality and intersubjectivity mechanisms. Thanks to
brain imaging we can nowadays observe the progressive maturation of the brain in adolescence, especially the complete development of the frontal lobe which, from the philogenetic point of view, consists in that surplus that makes the difference between human beings and the other animal species.

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