N.31 - The different applications of the group device, within clinical, social and organizational institutions

The group activities in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychiatric Services


In all the western countries has established the model of community psychiatry. In this model, the aims of the wards for acute pathologies (Psychiatric Emergency Ser-vices) are slowly passed from the historical ones, of the control of agitation, anger and despair, with the limitation of the most disturbing expressions on the social level, taking no notice of diagnosis and evaluation of the causes of the crisis, to the most modern ones, which measure the quality and success of a inpatient acute psychiatric ward not on the number of patients seen and stabilized, but instead entrusted with success in long-term therapy project.
In this perspective, the group activity within the Italian Diagnosis and Treatment Psychiatric Services (SPDC, the inpatient acute psychiatric ward of the NHS) takes a significant value, both for the management of the emotional atmosphere inside the ward, that for the development or the reinforcement of those social cognition skills that will be, at discharge, decisive for the recovery of adequate cognitive skills.
The article is the exact transcription of the lesson happened in 2012 within the course of Theory and Practice of the Intervention in Groups, at the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology, Sapienza- University of Rome.

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