N.10 - Mith, Dream and group two

Introduction, Myth Dream and Group 2

Issue 10 of Funzione Gamma completes and closes a triptych, thus expressing a deeply meaningful reality and its outstanding clinical importance. Since connecting “dream”, “myth” and group” allows to establish between these variables mutual relationships; they are suitable for a synthesis exceeding all that is contingent, the so called here and now, a clear ecological datum, to achieve pure ethology which can reach even infinite spheres. According to this perspective, dreaming isn’t enough, as a dream considered in its isolation, for it finishes with a hermeneutic circle bending the parable of life to a repetitive circle of itself. In its turn “myth” reveals itself,if regarded as a barrier to dreaming ,thinking and imagining, in its rising state, as an “acting out”, open therefore to all the adventures, even the most destructive, so that they can turn into fanaticism. And the “group”, if it is conceived in a dimension removing the subjects as co-protagonists, abolishes the possibility of the “social dreaming”, changing into a suppressing and quenching trap. Because “dream”, myth” and “group” are the interconnected figures and versions coming from a unique vital experience, making them homogenous and communicative from a pattern of the unconscious rising powerfully from them. It isn’t indeed a personal conscious and not even a dialectic meeting of personal and social unconscious, but substance of a unique over-and trans-personal unconscious. It is a fly-wheel informing and creating the final significance of life. This was the result of the Congress presented in this issue of Funzione Gamma ,that has developed leaving from this horizon.

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