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Clinical references to the group work with children and adolescents: body language

Abstract In this paper we explore the body dimension of group dynamics, the body language that expresses and signifies the affects. Some clinical vignettes involving a group of children and a group of adolescents are presented to exemplify the relationships … Continua a leggere

Who do you think you are? Adolescent groups and everyday life

Abstract Adolescence is a period of change.  An existential change that is a change in the sense of who one is, a change in one’s identity.  It may be a catastrophic crisis in identity, so that there is an uncertainty … Continua a leggere

Family and institutional care groups: resonances and transmission

Abstract Drawing on a clinical situation that brings together a family affected by adolescence and two institutions, the author considers the interaction between families and institutions and, more precisely, the psychic material brought into play following the cooperation set going … Continua a leggere

Reality and fiction for the therapeutic couple

Abstract The necessity to have a precise time and a limited place where the group processes could take place, is a fundamental requirement for the survival of the group. This is to say that a stable setting with clear limited … Continua a leggere

The Problem Solving Function of Dreams in Children’s Groups

Abstract In this paper I will be referring to two dreams. The first dream was told by a little girl aged ten and a half, in a group that has been going for three years now, and is held in … Continua a leggere

The Group, The Body and Dreaming with Eyes Wide Open

Abstract The author describes a narration/dream narrated by a patient in a group of adolescents, with which she wants to comunicate to all the members of the group her changements. The author shows the group can stimulate a real process … Continua a leggere

How do institutions dream

Abstract The author part of the box after that Freud made his topical and thanks to their rewriting topological space, he could understand that, beyond the physiological and psychological need of sleep, even the institutional groups need space for the … Continua a leggere

The adult and the therapist in an adolescents group: new object and transferential object

Abstract The psychology of groups and certain structural dynamic elements of their functioning are common to all groups. However, there are some variables that change according to the emotional needs and developmental tasks connected to the age of the individuals … Continua a leggere

Parents and therapists as co-authors of children’s mental health in the Gin-Gap groupal technique

Abstract For its members the family is a mixture of both health and illness and children are the carriers of this either at a manifest or at a latent level. In this paper we are going to resume one of … Continua a leggere

Adult therapist in the adolescents group

Abstract The therapist’s function in a group of adolescents can’t be kept out of consideration from one’s own mental disposition, experience, cultural references and from one’s own adolescence. The teen-agers themselves are able to recognize the leader’s psychological profile and … Continua a leggere

Introduction, “Adult in the childs and adolescents group”

The aim that we have set ourselves in this issue is to bring forward the different characteristics that exist in the relation between children and adults, and adolescents and adults in therapeutic groups. The first article by Marco Bernabei deals … Continua a leggere