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The group session between adolescents and adults

Abstract The ways of relating within the group varies according to different factors such as age, culture, pathology. Several participants represent different groups and in particular what happens in adult groups compared with groups of children or adolescents. The same … Continua a leggere

The first session of a children’s group

Abstract Seven children are sitting around the table in silence, there are four boys and three girls aged between nine and ten years old. Every now and then they give each other a stealthy glance and carefully observe the small … Continua a leggere

The presence of the adult in the groups of children and adolescents: the specificity and the differences

Abstract The relationship between adult and children or adolescents in therapeutic groups is the central theme of this paper which highlights the different modes of perception of the adult therapist by children or adolescents in the group. Several considerations about … Continua a leggere