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Rethiking group therapy for anorexic patients

Abstract This paper presents an approach to working with groups of anorexic patients via decoding of primitive concrete language

Historical Introduction to Group therapy in the treatment of anorexic- bulimic disorders

Abstract The history of homogeneous groups is presented, since they were first created in USA at the beginning of ‘900 until they were realized as a psychoanalitical thought of group, by Bion and Foulkes in Europe. The homogeneous group with … Continua a leggere

Presentation, Group with anorexic patients: therapeutic factors

Anorexia can be described in different ways, depending on what model we employ to do this. Firstly, Freud saw it as an outcome of hysteria (1895), and Abraham as an instinctual state (or instinctual failure) of the oral stage (even … Continua a leggere