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Women Victims of Trafficking: theoretical overview and exploratory study on the phenomenon. Attachment and emotional-relational functioning

Abstract Within the theoretical and clinical framework of Attachment theory, the present pilot study aims to assess whether and how potentially traumatic experiences suffered by women victims of trafficking may have negative consequences on emotional-relational functioning and intends to consider … Continua a leggere

Discovering Time and Place

Abstract The importance of place and displacement, represented in the mind as a clinical problem, is emphasized in this article. The movement takes on a double meaning, on the one hand that of metonymy, the other of spatial dislocation. The … Continua a leggere

Group mentality and ‘having a mind’

Abstract As a general proposition having a mind entails being able to recognise another mind. Indeed Bion’s theory of alpha-function implies that the very development of a mind at all depends in the first place on another mind. Such an … Continua a leggere