Articoli che contengono il tag: boundaries

Caregiver Training

Abstract Homo sapiens inherited enormous genetic potential, selected over a great arc of time, which has proved indispensable to his survival but at times also manifests useless or even irritatingly awkward vestigial aspects that create a sort of dissonance, an … Continua a leggere

Facilitating Change: Boundaries and the Human-Nature Dialectic

Abstract The author examines the relationship between man, nature and the tightness’ of the boundaries of the species. The individual relates to family and community, as  a set of individuals from which it derives its integrity, and self-awareness. Expand the … Continua a leggere

Rejecting the foreigner as an institutional symptom and a specific defence modality within groups: A paradigmatic case

Abstract The paper presents what happened in Padua, after 14 years of peaceful cohabitation apparently without any conflicts in the same school building, between an elementary school and a CTP for adult education and development of literacy among foreigners. Such … Continua a leggere