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Being disturbed: the impact of severe personality disorder on professional carers

Abstract Ogden Nash’s quip implies a perfectly neutral attitude on the part of a professional to the affairs of the people he deals with. Perhaps it is a familiar view of professional people. We need our accountants, lawyers and so … Continua a leggere

The disease of a person and a group unaware of being it

Abstract Reflecting on a clinical history with a happy end, on an event which has, all of a sudden, unexpectedly, given back to much more than it had seemed we had been involved with, is without any doubt passionate; but … Continua a leggere

A trans-cultural approach to clinical practice with migrants and their children in Europe and worldwide

Abstract To adapt our care devices to the migrants and to their children is a major challenge in the European society and in the current world where the migrations are varied, numerous and sometimes violent. This text presents a model … Continua a leggere