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The Mind as a space to play: creating bonds within the group

Abstract Through the clinical material taken from the experience with therapeutic groups held at a Public Mental Health Service for children and adolescents in Rome, the group thought emerges as the individual play encounters, clashes and interweaves itself with the … Continua a leggere

The oneiric world of women in the Grete Stern’ s photomontages

Abstract Grete Stern was a german fotoghaph ad designer. Due to her jewish origins, during Nazism she had to migrate to Argentina. In the 1948 she started a collaboration with the magazine for women  Idillio, on Buenos Aires. Her task … Continua a leggere

Krista: thirty plus years of treatment in a borderline group

Abstract This article describes as a patient, Krista, after twenty-five years of group therapy begins to resolve her capacity to mourn. She has resolved her aloneness issues and has developed the capacity for sadness. She has taken in the solid … Continua a leggere