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The skin screams what my voice cannot express

Abstract The skin as the first image of ourselves, the first contact with the outside world and with our mother, is a privileged organ in relational life. It reveals what is going on inside us, as it is a visible … Continua a leggere

Family field therapy: from the dialogue between generations of therapists to that with contemporary patients. A clinical research project on therapy for individuals and their transgenerational family field

Abstract This text is dedicated to research on the setting and therapy provided by a research team that worked on the relationship between the extended family mind and the individual, where the former becomes an ectopic storage space for the … Continua a leggere

Psychoanalytic supervision and consultancy: promoting containment and support in institutions

Abstract In conjunction with personal analysis and theory/technique seminars, clinical supervision represents one of the three pillars of psychoanalytic training. Since several years, however, ‘supervision’ is also a term which describes consulting for staff groups in health and social institutions, … Continua a leggere

The institutional container in severe pathologies

Abstract This paper analyzes the problematic interlacement  in Psychiatric Therapeutic Communities between the process of subjectivation, which is singular, and the intersubjective dimension of psychic sufferings, which is plural. Two tools are indicated to support the clinical function of Psychiatric … Continua a leggere

The symbiotic lure: organizations as defective containers

Abstract The purpose of this article is to explore the psychodynamics of regression in organizations. First, the paper presents a brief critique of the rationalist and mechanistic approaches to organizations and their selective inattention to subliminal and unconscious aspects of … Continua a leggere