Articoli che contengono il tag: counter-transference

Good enough therapists

Abstract We are aware that the subject is born and develops in relation to others, both in case of an healthy functioning and in mental illness. From this perspective, the role of the therapist is not limited to his technical … Continua a leggere

Transference. New perspectives in Multifamily Psychoanalysis Group clinical practice

Abstract                                                              According to the author in the Group of Psychoanalysis Multifamiliare, the encounter with the other can occur, finally, in the free form and mutual between therapist and patient: there is no longer any need to find the theoretical box … Continua a leggere

The therapeutic process of a difficult patient explained through Jorge García Badaracco’s multi-family psychoanalysis approach

Abstract The author exposes the therapeutic process undertaken by a borderline patient. Private therapy together with the participation in multi-family psychoanalysis groups allowed working in the consulting room with a broader approach thanks to the group support. This paper illustrates … Continua a leggere