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Group dimensions in an Adult Mental Health Inpatient Unit

Abstract Human beings are immersed in group settings of one kind or another all life long and even when individual mental suffering exacerbates to the point of needing hospitalization, people find themselves sharing space, time and emotions with others. A … Continua a leggere


Abstract In this presentation I briefly tell the story of this volume and the problems encountered, to describe the difficult situation that the group psychodynamic therapy with children is living, in our country and in Europe, due to multiple factors … Continua a leggere

The Group – Bridge: The experience of a therapeutic group between institutional and social crisis, and group crisis in Greece

Abstract The work traces the link between social crisis and the management of clinical crises in the therapeutic group of severe patients. Download pdf The Group Bridge_ALEXOPOULOU_ENG_15


Abstract In this presentation I describe the positions of this issue alternating between the crisis areas of psychiatry and the resources of groups in their various forms, without forgetting to look at the social and clinical issues of contemporary life. … Continua a leggere

Why psychoanalysis in times of poverty?

Abstract The psychoanalytical group is characterized by a self-representative work and what happens within it, is considered as an useful material for putting in meaning the same group. Thoughts, affections, somatic expressions, sounds, noises, etc. tend to form a multi-dimensional … Continua a leggere