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The democratic therapeutic community: soft or tough on violence?

Abstract The therapeutic environment needs to aim both to set limits on pathological behaviour (such as, violence) and also promote psychosocial skills. To achieve this, ‘a stable, coherent social organisation which provides an integrated, extensive treatment context’ is required (Abroms, … Continua a leggere

Field Theory and the Internal Group as a Model of the Psyche

Abstract A distinction is drawn between psychoanalysis of the link and the link perspective of psychoanalysis. Pichon Riviere´s notion of the internal group – a notion which is lesser known and infrequently used – would appear to be the theory … Continua a leggere

Unitas Multiplex The therapeutic function of a rite in group psychoanalysis and traditional treatment. Convergence and diversity

Abstract The author is inspired by metaphor “Unitex Multiplex”, he thought that taking inspiration from this metaphor would be a good beginning in order to  produce a piece of work on groups from the psychoanalytical and anthropological points of view, … Continua a leggere

Music, context and culture: the contribution of the ethnomusicological research in the field of music therapic research

Abstract This article looks into the relationship between musictherapy and ethnomusicology because, if the use of music for therapeutic aims is an antique, varied and diversified practice, then the actual practice of musictherapy is also incredibly varied and even if … Continua a leggere