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Getting your tutu wet: Creativity, Destructiveness and Survival

Abstract We are constantly made aware of destructiveness and hatred at the individual and organizational levels and are exhorted to recognize,  condemn and to expel such behavior or it’s manifestations in ourselves and in our societies. However it is my … Continua a leggere

Forms of institutions. Creative and Destructive Processes

Abstract This essay examines different aspects of the life of institutions. Through an analysis working on an anthropological and psychoanalytical level, contrasting yet coexisting aspects are brought to light. Beginning from an analysis of the recent film The Lobster, which … Continua a leggere

Generations of analysts, generations of patients: non-symbolizable destructiveness in contemporary patients

Abstract This article focuses on contemporary psychological problems, given the frequent difficulties in analytic work with patients and the relevance of contemporary analytical treatments. The author gives a particular attention to destructiveness and provides a working hypothesis with patients that … Continua a leggere