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Associations and reflections on Social Dreaming

Abstract SDM, said once a participant, is “a social gathering where dreams are divorced from the personality of their authors and shared freely”, with the common goal of freely associating thoughts and other dreams to the dream presented so as … Continua a leggere

Fiction Film as Group Dreaming: Criteria, Interpretations

Abstract The authors describe a technique of work with some patients, that they name as film﷓analysis, sometimes called film﷓therapy, cinematology et al. They find the work with films most advantageous for the clients who are the inhabitants of the former … Continua a leggere

Myth making, social transition and transformation: exploring the age of dreaming

Abstract The paper will be presented in three sections. In section 1 a working hypothesis about transition will be formulated. In section 2 illustrative material will be presented for analysis and in section 3 the social function of dreaming in … Continua a leggere

There and back. Migrants’ dreams and myths

Abstract Such extreme crystallization of defensive experiences can be frequently observed in homogeneous communities or groups of emigrants of equal origin, too closed in themselves, anchored to surpassed habits, rituals, traditions and ideologies, clearly detached both from the reality of … Continua a leggere

Dreams and serious pathologies in the group: the Potential of the Dimension of Dreaming in the Group when Dreaming is not possible

Abstract “The group that there isn’t ” means is that from time to time with the participation of patients in that day, and also that the dismissal of someone or the entry of new patients constantly changes the composition of … Continua a leggere

Who dreams in the group?

Abstract The author proposes to investigate the group dimension of the dream. Shows the clinical material of a mixed group, closed, comprising six participants engaged in this approach for reasons of training or treatment, which meets once a week for … Continua a leggere

Traumatic representations associated with separation. Acting as dreams that can not be dreamed

Abstract The presentation deals with the reactions to the absence of a therapist. The re-enactment, triggered by the absence of a therapist, provokes an automatic response of hyper-arousal that deprives the patients of the ability to modulate and control anxiety … Continua a leggere

Children who dream in groups

Abstract Working with a group of children borders on an oneiric experience, a tale, a cloth so complex as to make it hard to pick out the warp and woof of the dream. The group and its members rarely “relate” … Continua a leggere

The happiness of dreaming

Abstract The function of dream is seen as an important resource of the group. It represents the history, the ideas, the thoughts, the memories, the sentiments that  the group has experienced and developed over time. This tradition crosses through the … Continua a leggere