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The group in a Mental Health Ward on listening to the suffering of the Self

Abstract The authors of this paper emphasize the importance of group psychotherapy has in recent years in the Mental Health Centers. The individual psychotherapeutic work, was considered more profitable, while contact with the group was considered as a source of … Continua a leggere

Truth as a therapeutic factor

Abstract Truth – according to Bion – has a performative character; it can bring about transformations. Analysis is a “veridical process” that helps the patient become himself. In order for this transformation to positively occur, the search for truth must … Continua a leggere

Empathy and intersubjectivity in group psychotherapy. Pain sharing and mirror neurons.

Abstract The author’s main hypothesis is that intersubjectivity is at the base of the establishment and preservation of the small therapy group, which is also the place where intersubjectivity disorders can appear and be properly dealt with. What is favoured, … Continua a leggere