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The Relationships between Incest and Hubris in Dreams, Myths and Folk Tales

Abstract In ancient myths, Hubris and Incest appear as the two archetypes, and are largely mentioned as the primary human sins in various cultures. It is in fact reasonable to assume that these two taboos constitute an ideological foundation, ground … Continua a leggere

The fairy tale as an observation instrument: the psychologist gets into the class

Abstract Bringing fairly tale  in the classroom, in a setting clearly discussed with the teacher providing for the reading of the text, the time of the conversation with children (including the proposal after each intervention to draw what has affected … Continua a leggere

The fairy tale as a therapy tool: an experience with the multidisabled blind

Abstract This paper describes our clinical experience based on a fairy tale workshop carried out with a group of multidisabled blind children. It aims at showing how the huge communicational potential of the fairy tale can be helpful non only … Continua a leggere

Back to “Cinderella”: fairytales in the Bibliotherapeutic Dialogue

Abstract Bibliotherapy is a therapeutic method in the field of Art therapy, which suggests focusing the therapeutic dialogue on a literary text, either written or read. This text functions within the therapeutic dialogue as a “third voice”, in addition to … Continua a leggere

On the uses of the folk-tale in education

Abstract More than thirty years of work as a child psychiatrist and analyst and weekly meetings with the teachers of psychotic children in my care, have led me to reflect upon the process of learning to read and the apparent … Continua a leggere

Presentation, The Ordering Function of Thought in Folktales

Each of the articles in the volume relates to unique aspects regarding the affinity existing between fairy tales, or tales which share common characteristics with folktales, and the therapeutic process – either individual therapy, or a group workshop. Several articles … Continua a leggere

Folkloristic Methods in Dreams Interpretation

Abstract The current paper deals with the affinity between dreams and fairy tales by using methods taken from the folk literature discipline. In the search to define common meeting points between literature and psychoanalysis, the most popular tendency has been … Continua a leggere