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Psychotherapy, the family and authority, from the first encounter to the session

Abstract The crisis of the culture goes along with a crisis of authority in families: the author questions about the role of authority in family psychotherapy sessions as well as in individual psychoanalysis, both with adults and children. Nowadays, indeed, … Continua a leggere

Psychoanalytic family terapies

Abstract This paper is an introduction to the psychoanalytic family therapies, in a period when the expression family therapy is mostly synonymous of systemic therapy. Departing from the history of the psychoanalytic work with the couples and the family, the … Continua a leggere

“Revolutionary” baby, rite and family

Abstract Rites marks life cycles and social rhythms.  They are present in all areas of psychotherapy, especially in group psychotherapy.  However, the traditional rites surrounding birth are disappearing.  The hypothesis of this communication is based on the idea that the … Continua a leggere