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Bion and Foulkes, a mythological encounter, only, but it is already enogh

Abstract We can affirm that Bion’s summit and his impact on dialectics between alfa and beta elements constitute the most authentic and complete theory of Foulkes’ summit: the group-analytical theory that a number of people have blamed him for not being … Continua a leggere

The use of dreams in group analysis” touching intangibles”

Abstract The dreams have a natural symbolic language that can be difficult to understand and every dream is something new. Jung compares dreams to an unknown foreign language. The symbol in a dream is a fact, it means what it … Continua a leggere

The median group as an transcultural device in treatment and formation Comparison between the Groupanalytical and the Ethnopsychoanalytical model

Abstract In this article the author compares the Groupanalytical model (in particular the Italian approach) and the Ethnopsychoanalytical model (in particular that developed in France by Tobie Nathan and Marie Rose Moro); moreover she compares two therapeutic devices: the median … Continua a leggere