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Reflections on a Story: Group, on the Processes of Change and Identificatory Reorganization

Abstract The authors present a story that does not represent the analytic situation, but a testimony that needed the presence of other, with capacity for reverie, able to contain a space of meanings to enable the processing and reprocessing of … Continua a leggere

Self-help groups with women victims of intimate partner violence

Abstract The “social” importance of the debate concerning the phenomenon of intimate partner violence and the possible forms of intervention feasible in its regard is now well established within various scientific disciplines, including the psychological one. The specific contribution that … Continua a leggere

Children who dream in groups

Abstract Working with a group of children borders on an oneiric experience, a tale, a cloth so complex as to make it hard to pick out the warp and woof of the dream. The group and its members rarely “relate” … Continua a leggere