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The processing of traumatic events in female therapeutic groups

Abstract This paper offers points for reflection about the typical methods for processing traumatic events and the therapist’s role in female therapy groups. The paper also makes a comparison with the dynamics of mixed gender groups. Clinical examples about the … Continua a leggere

The Cartallegra group

Abstract I would like to share with you what an experience of a group is. From the October 1999 up to the June 2001, I lived this experience together with all young people carrying a mental handicap. I wish all … Continua a leggere

Coffee & Cookies group

Abstract We propose the presentation of an experience in hospital and day-hospital units: “the coffee and cookies group.” This verbal group, created in 1997 in the psycho-educational dependence of hospitals units of UPDM continues today in the actual context of … Continua a leggere