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The oneiric world of women in the Grete Stern’ s photomontages

Abstract Grete Stern was a german fotoghaph ad designer. Due to her jewish origins, during Nazism she had to migrate to Argentina. In the 1948 she started a collaboration with the magazine for women  Idillio, on Buenos Aires. Her task … Continua a leggere

Research on the gender in the composition of a workshop of photography for schizophrenics, its role in the therapeutic efficiency

Abstract  The present research studies the effects of the gender, in a workshop of expression of a photolanguage type within schizophrenic adults. The initial question was the one of a possible influence of the composition of the groups of therapy, … Continua a leggere

Recherche sur le genre dans la composition d’un atelier de photographie pour des schizophrènes, son rôle dans l’efficacité thérapeutique

Abstract Nous avons mené une recherche comparative sur les effets du genre dans un atelier d’expression de type photolangage auprès d’adultes schizophrènes. La question initiale était celle de l’influence de la composition des groupes de thérapie, en termes de genres, … Continua a leggere

Fiction Film as Group Dreaming: Criteria, Interpretations

Abstract The authors describe a technique of work with some patients, that they name as film﷓analysis, sometimes called film﷓therapy, cinematology et al. They find the work with films most advantageous for the clients who are the inhabitants of the former … Continua a leggere

Bulimic images. Interpersonal rereading of a dynamic of a Photolangage© group

Abstract The Photolangage revealed to be an instrument able to stimulate a dialogue among people closed up in the silence of their own experience.Preceding studies and clinical experiences demonstrated its strength in providing a container for the emotions emerging in … Continua a leggere

An Image Mediator in a Dream Mediator within a Group

Abstract The image as a mediator in individual therapy and in group sessions provides the occasion to mobilise the primary process of the unconscious, in a movement of regression necessary to any initial visualisation. Starting with this type of visualisation, … Continua a leggere