Articoli che contengono il tag: improvisation

POUR LE PLAISIR Un processus associatif sonore/musical

Résumé : Ce texte rend compte d’une expérience de groupe bien particulière, centrée sur le son, la musique, la relation, dans un fonctionnement de libre association. Il met l’accent sur la pratique musicale et son plaisir, en groupe. Cette expérience, … Continua a leggere

Bion & Gould

Summary Bion and Gould’s thought, respectively in psychoanalysis and music, shows significant and interesting concordance. Both men are considered mystics, in the sense of supporters of highly innovative ideas (messianic),namely for their ability  to approach  the “truth”  and to  influence … Continua a leggere

FOR PLEASURE. A sound/musical associative process

Abstract: This text reflects a very special group experience, centered on sound, music, relationship, in a functioning of free association. It focuses on musical practice and its pleasure, in groups. This experience, still relevant, has actually lasted for 17 years, … Continua a leggere