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Community therapy. Focusing on the foreign body. Effects on patients and caregivers

Abstract Therapeutic communities are now and have for several decades been used for a wide array of disorders that range from substance abuse to personality disorders, and from subacute to chronic psychosis. These disorders are often intertwined and causes an … Continua a leggere

Family field therapy: from the dialogue between generations of therapists to that with contemporary patients. A clinical research project on therapy for individuals and their transgenerational family field

Abstract This text is dedicated to research on the setting and therapy provided by a research team that worked on the relationship between the extended family mind and the individual, where the former becomes an ectopic storage space for the … Continua a leggere

Reality and fiction for the therapeutic couple

Abstract The necessity to have a precise time and a limited place where the group processes could take place, is a fundamental requirement for the survival of the group. This is to say that a stable setting with clear limited … Continua a leggere

A quick guide to the papers in this issue

Paper Title: Genius Loci: A function of a group’s affective regulation Author: Claudio Neri (Italy) Summary This paper builds a picture of a characteristic that is shared by both places and groups. Each place and each group has a “Genius … Continua a leggere

Psyche and enviroment

Abstract The psyche, in the totality of conscious and unconscious processes, is revealed through the image, thought, and language, and within the group phenomena in relation with the environment. Within this framework are the concepts of protomental and psychoid, respectively, … Continua a leggere

A Sense of Place: Matters of space, mind and personhood

Abstract The article emphasizes the importance of the place, which acquires profound significance in the mind of the group, influencing moods and emotions. The space itself, and ‘neutral, while the place and’ a cultural landscape on which are projected and … Continua a leggere

Presentation, Individual, Group and Nature

The quality of our future depends more and more on environmental balance and its stability. Nevertheless, there’s a contradiction that’s difficult to explain, without entering into complex psychological processes – between the widespread interest the public opinion has for environmental issues … Continua a leggere

A hypothesis for a third topic regarding intersubjectivity and the subject in a common, shared psychic space

Abstract The question of a third topic was one of the main themes debated in the recent Congress of Psychoanalysts of the francophone countries. The principal debate centred on the relationships between the configuration of the internal world of a … Continua a leggere