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Leading from below? Decisions, responsibility and creativity as a group dynamic

Abstract The institution tends to organise the individual in standard ways. And individuals are vulnerable to being organised for the convenience of the institution. Probably psychiatric patients needing hospitalisation are especially vulnerable to this coercive influence. This has for long … Continua a leggere

Institutions and economic science: links between cognitive processes and the emergence of social rules

Abstract Standard economic theory has long underestimated the role of institutions in economic systems and in the processes of change, focusing on equilibrium and the mechanisms that determine it spontaneously. Equilibrium, once achieved, is only interfered by external shocks (exogenous … Continua a leggere

Forms of institutions. Creative and Destructive Processes

Abstract This essay examines different aspects of the life of institutions. Through an analysis working on an anthropological and psychoanalytical level, contrasting yet coexisting aspects are brought to light. Beginning from an analysis of the recent film The Lobster, which … Continua a leggere

Why psychoanalysis in times of poverty?

Abstract The psychoanalytical group is characterized by a self-representative work and what happens within it, is considered as an useful material for putting in meaning the same group. Thoughts, affections, somatic expressions, sounds, noises, etc. tend to form a multi-dimensional … Continua a leggere