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Bion & Gould

Summary Bion and Gould’s thought, respectively in psychoanalysis and music, shows significant and interesting concordance. Both men are considered mystics, in the sense of supporters of highly innovative ideas (messianic),namely for their ability  to approach  the “truth”  and to  influence … Continua a leggere

Fiction Film as Group Dreaming: Criteria, Interpretations

Abstract The authors describe a technique of work with some patients, that they name as film﷓analysis, sometimes called film﷓therapy, cinematology et al. They find the work with films most advantageous for the clients who are the inhabitants of the former … Continua a leggere

The use of dreams in group analysis” touching intangibles”

Abstract The dreams have a natural symbolic language that can be difficult to understand and every dream is something new. Jung compares dreams to an unknown foreign language. The symbol in a dream is a fact, it means what it … Continua a leggere