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The psychoanalytic approach of the baby observation in the family, what does it provide to the group?

Abstract The author explains why the observation of the newborn in the family, according to the method of Esther Bick, represents a resource for associative work and the group psychoanalysis. It first illustrates the different types of observation and then … Continua a leggere


Abstract In this introduction, after a brief account of the advantages and application areas of group psychotherapy as a method of intervention in developmental age, they are briefly summarized all the articles that make up the volume. In this way, … Continua a leggere

The trauma of childbirth: fallen from the nest. Clinical Narcissism applied to families with hospitalized babies.

Abstract Premature birth is a trauma. Being born prematurely is traumatic. This paper tries to explore the cracks and unexpected situations, created by technical advances and suggests ways for the psychic survival of the mother-son bond. An analogy is used … Continua a leggere

Dreaming and Thinking in the Group

Abstract If we consider the group and the individual as different points of a continuum, the commonly accepted ontological dichotomy between the individual and the group will become obsolete, from the moment that specifically human individuality will be seen in … Continua a leggere

Dream telling as a request for containment – approaching dreams intersubjectively

Abstract The dream as a means of access to the contents of the individual and unconscious element in the psychoanalytic discipline is revisited in the light of inter-factor, considering the functions it performs within the group context, with particular reference … Continua a leggere

Dream, group and toucht Thoughts about a dream of Didier Anzieu

Abstract The relationship between thought, the subject, the group and the dream. From a reading of a dream of  D. Anzieu given in the context of an interview and published, the author has placed emphasis on the components groupal thought … Continua a leggere

The work of intersubjectivity in the elaboration of traumatic experience through psychodrama

Abstract In this article is described how the elaboration of a massive traumatic experience can find some support and resources in the psychoanalytic process of group’s psychodrama. The  characteristics of the groupal  psychoanalytic situation qualify for a psychic particular work … Continua a leggere

The institutional container in severe pathologies

Abstract This paper analyzes the problematic interlacement  in Psychiatric Therapeutic Communities between the process of subjectivation, which is singular, and the intersubjective dimension of psychic sufferings, which is plural. Two tools are indicated to support the clinical function of Psychiatric … Continua a leggere

The poliphonic texture of intersubjectivity in the dream

Abstract My research on the Dream are based on the hypothesis that it is developed in the polyphonic texture of the interdiscourse. This assumption owes a lot to the work of M. Bakhtine and his followers. Bakhtine introduced the idea … Continua a leggere

Bion in the nursery. The Three steps of an intersubjective theory

Abstract The author analyses Bion’s works evolution in regard to the relation between intersubjectivity and symbolization. Three books mark this evolution: Experiences in groups, Learning from experience and Attention and Interpretation. Firstly intersubjectivity is the field of symbolisation, secondly the … Continua a leggere

Empathy and intersubjectivity in group psychotherapy. Pain sharing and mirror neurons.

Abstract The author’s main hypothesis is that intersubjectivity is at the base of the establishment and preservation of the small therapy group, which is also the place where intersubjectivity disorders can appear and be properly dealt with. What is favoured, … Continua a leggere

The encounter with the other in the couple relationship: the area of mutuality

Abstract The thesis we have followed in this paper intends to highlight the features of the “couple” as one of the privileged places from which to look at the modes the partners use, following frequent unconscious regulation processes, to give … Continua a leggere

Fantasies, myths and dreams as witnesses of family psychic groupality

Abstract “Fantasies, myths and dreams as witnesses of family psychic groupality”. The author presents how fantasies, myths and dreams are psychic formations which belong to the individual unconscious as well as to the family psychic groupality, particularly because of their … Continua a leggere

A hypothesis for a third topic regarding intersubjectivity and the subject in a common, shared psychic space

Abstract The question of a third topic was one of the main themes debated in the recent Congress of Psychoanalysts of the francophone countries. The principal debate centred on the relationships between the configuration of the internal world of a … Continua a leggere