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Living in a world with or without memory of the future

Abstract The American architect Chipperfield, director of the 13th exhibition of architecture (Venice 2012), in order to correct the extravagant ruptures and homologations which infest contemporary architecture, proposed as “common ground” of the exhibition the triple dimension of continuity, context … Continua a leggere

Notes on Space – time memory throught the dream

Abstract Dreams represent the activity of the unconscious mind that can transform and digest unbearable emotional states of mind into a “theatre of mind”. In this theatre, dreams play to the audience of the dreamer, want to be listened to … Continua a leggere

The function of time in the narration of Orpheus myth

Abstract Through the narration of Orpheus Myth, and the contrast between the time of the underworld and the time of light, the instant of experience and knowledge is described as an exclusive time requiring an absolute presence of the participants … Continua a leggere

From Trauma to Memory The “internal group” of origin and belonging in migrant children

Abstract The intertwining between identity and memory in young underage immigrants is examined through a series of sessions that took place in a Welcome Centre. In the specific situation that involves children occupied in a migratory transit, the construction of … Continua a leggere