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The body between metapsychology and mentalization. Lines of research in psychoanalysis, after Freud

Abstract The authors reconstruct the question of the body in Freudian writings, indicating its multiple theoretical and clinical aspects, and highlighting its conceptual complexity through the various phases of evolution of psychoanalytic discovery, from the origins, with hysteria, to the … Continua a leggere

Therapeutic and analytical group field with anorexic patients

Abstract In this contribution there are two main questions related to clinical conceptualizations in the psychoanalytic field which can be adopted in the work with the anorexic patients. 1. The first concerns the question of whether anorexia can be described … Continua a leggere

Current ideas of Bionian thought on thought

Abstract In this paper the model of “Motivational Darwinism” is discussed. Starting from Bion’s concept of protothought, the author elaborates upon possible relationships between emotional and symbolic representations that arise from experience. The psychoanalytical interpretation is presented as a vitalising … Continua a leggere

Experience made concrete: the body-mind relationship and possible transformational processes in Group Therapy

Abstract This paper considers those particular pathologies in which the body is thought of as “a psychic object par excellence”, or rather, as the only psychic object that is the locus where the subject’s unity is recognized. I am referring … Continua a leggere