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Social violence and migration: the emergence of traumatic traces in a Photolangage® group

Abstract In a context of social violence and great precariousness, contemporary migratory flows call into question our care devices and in particular the individual setting. The issue regarding potential traumas due to forced migration put us in front of the … Continua a leggere

Parallel Lives and Intertwined Narrations. Identitary Paths Between Life History and Historical Processes

Abstract In this article the author reflects on how to textualize the life history of a Senegalese artist of a griot family (Badara Seck) who actually resides in Rome, without forcing the data into a different conception of being a … Continua a leggere

A trans-cultural approach to clinical practice with migrants and their children in Europe and worldwide

Abstract To adapt our care devices to the migrants and to their children is a major challenge in the European society and in the current world where the migrations are varied, numerous and sometimes violent. This text presents a model … Continua a leggere