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“When I took drugs I felt better.” Considerations on the body, from the abuse to the therapeutic community

Abstract The article explores the anatomy of the body dimension in drug addiction, it considers how body changes at the same pace as the transformations of relationships that the individual has with the substance of abuse and with the context. … Continua a leggere

Thinking the Institution

Abstract This essay focuses on three topics. The first is related to a particular aspect of the relationship between individuals and the institution. The institution may or may not provide the individual with an image (mirroring) suited to for his/her … Continua a leggere

The Group of Multifamily Psychoanalysis

Abstract The Group of Multifamily Psychoanalysis is a flywheel of the therapeutic and rehabilitative activities promoted by a Mental Health Department (DSM), in the field of the serious mental illness, which involves patients and their relatives. It does not substitute … Continua a leggere

Experience made concrete: the body-mind relationship and possible transformational processes in Group Therapy

Abstract This paper considers those particular pathologies in which the body is thought of as “a psychic object par excellence”, or rather, as the only psychic object that is the locus where the subject’s unity is recognized. I am referring … Continua a leggere

Adolescent mind and neurosciences

Abstract Adolescent Mind Transformation and Neurosciences. We have lately been observing a great development both in neurophysiologic and in neuropsychological research aiming to explain and integrate, on  behalf of some scientists, how scientific breakthroughs may be of utility  in confirming … Continua a leggere