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Bion & Gould

Summary Bion and Gould’s thought, respectively in psychoanalysis and music, shows significant and interesting concordance. Both men are considered mystics, in the sense of supporters of highly innovative ideas (messianic),namely for their ability  to approach  the “truth”  and to  influence … Continua a leggere

Music, group and group analytic music therapy in adolescence

Abstract The adolescent subject is required to recover their sound envelope bruised by puberty. All of the sound world and in particular the body’s sonority must be reorganized to guarantee the narcissistic continuity of the pubescent child. Music, especially when … Continua a leggere

The autism and the music: an encounter that often succeeds (1)

Abstract The interest of autistic children in music was traced very early and their musical skills as well. Why is the meeting between the autistic child and music possible when the one with the word is so difficult? The hypothesis … Continua a leggere

Music and Psychoanalysis

Abstract Freud’s attitude towards music was very ambivalent. For him the risk was, with the music of losing rational control that he had set himself as purpose. After a critical reading of his work, psychoanalysts have examined the links between … Continua a leggere

FOR PLEASURE. A sound/musical associative process

Abstract: This text reflects a very special group experience, centered on sound, music, relationship, in a functioning of free association. It focuses on musical practice and its pleasure, in groups. This experience, still relevant, has actually lasted for 17 years, … Continua a leggere

Psycoanalytic Groups and Musical Groups: an Investigation on the Possible Commmon Prospects

Abstract This paper would like to bridge two realities, music and group psychoanalysis and investigate some of the dynamics that occur in groups of musicians, with the purpose of analyzing them, having as reference schools of thought that studied group … Continua a leggere