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The necessary institution

Abstract The institution which works well is the institution we become aware of only when it fails, like the air we breathe, so necessary but so little present to our conscience. Some psychoanalysts, in particular Bleger and Kaës, have theorized … Continua a leggere

Couple dynamics and adoptive parent relationships.

Abstract This paper aims to explore some of the aspects involved in the dynamics of the interaction between narcissism and object investment. We know that the oscillation between these two psychic configurations influences the subject and his relations: the dynamics … Continua a leggere

The group in a Mental Health Ward on listening to the suffering of the Self

Abstract The authors of this paper emphasize the importance of group psychotherapy has in recent years in the Mental Health Centers. The individual psychotherapeutic work, was considered more profitable, while contact with the group was considered as a source of … Continua a leggere

“The Narcissistic Wound in Diabetes” Reflections on a Group Psychotherapy with a Psychoanalytical Approach with Children Suffering from Diabetes

Abstract The objective of this work group, played with children aged between eight and twelve years with diabetes, and ‘was one part to bring patients to the acceptance of the disease, and the other to help them break free attitude … Continua a leggere

Individual and group elements in the individuation process

Abstract The author describes the phenomena related to the proliferation of new ideas and theories in psychoanalysis. Conservation and innovation, loyalty ‘and rupture have characterized the development of psychoanalysis from Freud to the new currents of thought, after the Second … Continua a leggere

Primary narcissism or original narcissism :how narcissism works among groups

Abstract In this article, the author relying on the experience of group psychotherapy and group training, tries to go beyond the understanding of the two Freudian concepts of primary narcissism. The group situation introduces a formal regression, where the imagination … Continua a leggere

The Unconscious and Narcissism in Subjects Who Have Ties

Abstract The author points out that psychoanalytic work in group discussions and requires special skills. Starting from the Freudian metapsychology and examining the theories of Bleger, he examines in particular the model of the double limit of Green, developed by … Continua a leggere

Introduction, Narcissism and group

Sigmund Freud, in “Totem and Taboo” (1912-13) and in “ Psychology of the masses and Ego analysis” (1921) provided us with ideas in order to approach the complex theme of relationships between narcissism and group. It is known as Freud … Continua a leggere

Photolangage©. A play space for remobilizing the psyche

Abstract We are working as clinical psychologists in a long term care institution with physically and psychically dependent older patients, some of whom suffering from of Alzheimer or other types of dementia. For some of them, we have set up … Continua a leggere