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The parental couple and the group of caregivers in the care given to the baby: hypochondriac mirrors

Abstract The parental couple, the group of perinatal and early childhood caregivers, are subject, in the care given to the baby, to ordinary hypochondria. Taking care of a baby, a subject who does not yet speak verbally, requires work on … Continua a leggere

The adult therapist in health services: between parents and public institution

Abstract We could affirm that in the Institution’s base, that has mental health as an aim, in a paradoxical way we can find a primitive psychic functioning, thus infantile. This infantile position seems to constitute the link between the three … Continua a leggere

Parents and therapists as co-authors of children’s mental health in the Gin-Gap groupal technique

Abstract For its members the family is a mixture of both health and illness and children are the carriers of this either at a manifest or at a latent level. In this paper we are going to resume one of … Continua a leggere