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“I have a recurring dream…” Experiencing or imagining? Reclusion, proto-depression, peer group

Abstract Adolescence is considered a specific stage of human beings, well distinct from childhood and adulthood. Not a middle way, but a condition in itself, with specific characteristics, anguishes, and defense modalities. After a brief introduction on the hypothesis developed … Continua a leggere

Group psychotherapies: new answers to new questions

Abstract Group for the Recovery of Functions wants to be a new therapeutic resource available to operators, with its specificity. Specificity which consists not only of a group setting as a scenario that generates symbols i.e. a place where it … Continua a leggere

Transformational potentials of the peer group

Abstract In this paper I would like to examine the transformational potentials that characterise the peer group, in groups of adolescents as well as in groups with members of other ages but in which adolescence is reactualized.