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Multifamily Group Functions as a treatment for psychosis and as an organizational model of mental health services.

Abstract This paper intends to question how the contemporary predominant medical paradigm can understand and consider psychosis and as it builds its therapeutic care systems. It is required at the reader to better and deeply analyze everyday experiences of therapies … Continua a leggere

Therapeutic group as a laboratory of freedom of expression

Abstract This contribution is inspired by the experience of conducting a therapeutic group for adult patients within a medium security psychiatric community in Milan. Using some session excerpts, a close connection is established between affirmation of identity of individuals and … Continua a leggere

Dramatization and imagination in the “Squared Civitas” The psychosis is not an island

Abstract  The two papers we are going to present are focused on the theme of the image –particularly pictorial representation- in order to describe more efficiently experienced reality. The aim is to present the importance to conjugate our passion for … Continua a leggere

To be and to have: to count

Abstract Using psychodrama with psychotics in Institutions that work on territory, makes a significant time of a journey into the group, where the psychotic “takes value” in presence. In this article the group of psychodrama is introduced as the instrument … Continua a leggere