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Cybernetic Rituals and Rituality in the community of Digital Brothers: clinical and theoretical reflections

Abstract The present paper focuses on the theme of ritual in adolescence. Firstly, the function of ritual in adolescence and related pubertal transformation are discussed. The crisis of rituals in post-modern societies is mentioned and possible subsequent outcomes of that, … Continua a leggere

Resonances and Reflections on the Works of Marinelli, Mellier, and Neri Presented at the “Group and Ritual” Conference

Abstract The theme “Group and Ritual” seems of particular significance at this profoundly complex and dramatic historical moment, with the danger of closing into the “private,” provoking a disintegrating and dangerous narcissism. The analytically-led small group can be not only … Continua a leggere

Group and Rite

Abstract This text attributes several significances and functions to social rite and its construction inside group. Certainly, these have a social value in  maintaining and keep cohesive group, but also they can stimulate new experiences, not already known and coherent. … Continua a leggere

Illness and cure. Ritual contexts of sharing

Abstract The disease event, in this article, is examined both from an individual perspective, and socially. Thus, in Western society, the parameters of individual psychology are rethought in group psychotherapy, in a manner such as to create conditions to facilitate … Continua a leggere