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Dramatization and imagination in the “Squared Civitas” The psychosis is not an island

Abstract  The two papers we are going to present are focused on the theme of the image –particularly pictorial representation- in order to describe more efficiently experienced reality. The aim is to present the importance to conjugate our passion for … Continua a leggere

The clinical place common to psychoanalysis and psychodrama

Abstract The discussion on the article questions psychoanalysis and psychodrama about the possibility to recognize a clinic and unic place beyond the difference of the processings. So psyichodrama is presented in the ability to promote the reworking of any clinic … Continua a leggere

Inextricable apeira

Abstract The article talks about the theory of psychodrama as it is actualized and played in the centre Apeiron. The importance to transmit this instrument of work to the generations of psychotherapists, is in the necessity of a permanent training, … Continua a leggere