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The group in a Mental Health Ward on listening to the suffering of the Self

Abstract The authors of this paper emphasize the importance of group psychotherapy has in recent years in the Mental Health Centers. The individual psychotherapeutic work, was considered more profitable, while contact with the group was considered as a source of … Continua a leggere

Therapeutic factors in the psychoanalytically oriented homogeneous group for eating disorders

Abstract What emerges then is a self that is incomplete or vulnerable, or a self that has either not developed its own functions and objects or has only been to able to do it both by sacrificing, cutting off and … Continua a leggere

Getting to know crohn’s disease together with a group. Group therapy experience in an institution

Abstract The therapist of the group allowing the development of cognitive course, must analyse the meaning of the elements (patients, gatroenterologist, gastroenterologist, psychotherapist, university-context) and recognise the structure elements of the new bond that is forming. This movement can be … Continua a leggere