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Juno, Claire, Camille: How cinema recounts the experience of pregnancy in adolescents

Abstract The paper proposes, through the analysis of three films, “Juno”, “Brodeuses” (The embroiderers) and “17 girls”, some reflections on the difficulties of the encounters of adolescents with their own generating capacity. The pregnancies arise from profoundly different contexts and … Continua a leggere

Agoraphobia is feminine? Some reflections on the relationship between the agoraphobic syndrome and femininity

Abstract The more recent psychoanalytic conceptualizations, relating to the genesis of agoraphobia, have increasingly illuminated – going beyond the Oedipal contribution of Freudian memory – the serious structural deficits of the ego, the presence, therefore, of that “emptiness” in the … Continua a leggere

Traumatic representations associated with separation. Acting as dreams that can not be dreamed

Abstract The presentation deals with the reactions to the absence of a therapist. The re-enactment, triggered by the absence of a therapist, provokes an automatic response of hyper-arousal that deprives the patients of the ability to modulate and control anxiety … Continua a leggere

The Missing Boundary: a Report on “Photolangage” Experiences

Abstract Purpose of this article is to elaborate on the “Photolangage” psychotherapeutic group technique and to report the results obtained during a set of experiences made in National Sanitary Service Institutions. Before the actual analysis of these results it is … Continua a leggere