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The psychoanalyst and the yoga lesson

Summary This dissertation, centered on the Hatha yoga course, develops a reflection from three initial questions, stemming from the readings and practices of yoga, the experience of the carpet (hence its title). These are: the recurrent attack of the Ego, … Continua a leggere

Self-generation as a structuring defense that testifies to the importance of groupal illusion in adolescence

Abstract. The author, comparing groups of children and groups of adolescents with the same device, shows that the Oedipus complex does not have the same organizer function. In adolescents, the primal scene, linked to its passivity, integrates them into an … Continua a leggere

Notes on sensoriality, corporeity and sexuality in the group

Abstract Sensoriality, body and sexuality within the group process were introduced by Carl Gustav Jung’s theory of the soma-psyche unit. Jung. Also through some examples coming from the author’s own experience with therapeutic groups, we will deal with the role … Continua a leggere