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The multifamily group in the Mental Health Center

Abstract Through a series of considerations of a biological nature, philosophical, psychological and social assistance, it consolidates the idea that the man as the subject of his objects does not exist; development, then, as separation process- identification is very useful … Continua a leggere

The Group – Bridge: The experience of a therapeutic group between institutional and social crisis, and group crisis in Greece

Abstract The work traces the link between social crisis and the management of clinical crises in the therapeutic group of severe patients. Download pdf The Group Bridge_ALEXOPOULOU_ENG_15

The ambiguity of the risk. Reflections on data of a research empirical thematic

Abstract Through a contribution to the two books, “Le ali di Icaro” by Paola Carbone and “Il paradosso del giovane guidatore” to Anna Maria Giannini and Fabio Lucidi, it offers some ideas from examination of the results of empirical research … Continua a leggere