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Archaic songs for preserving and transmitting the mystery of birth, love and time

Abstract Since the most remote times oral tradition has passed down linguistic-communicative materials that the adult uses for the caring relationship in the “nursery”: these pluri-semantic materials (consisting of sounds, rhythms, gestures, words, etc.) are structured in sequences that accompany … Continua a leggere

Wandering through the dark forest: dreams and fairy tales in a group workshop

Abstract The paper touches upon the role that fairy tales play in a group therapy, as it works through processes relating to dream contents.  It exemplifies the way in which the interdisciplinary dialogue existing between group analysis and folklore research … Continua a leggere

Finding and hiding: Winnicott’s potential space and Raspberry Juice’s home

Abstract The paper discusses some analytical dynamics and terms as reflected in a Hebrew children tale, named “Raspberry Juice”. The tale deals with the question of closure and disclosure, with the need to be discovered as against the fear to … Continua a leggere