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The multifamily group in the Mental Health Center

Abstract Through a series of considerations of a biological nature, philosophical, psychological and social assistance, it consolidates the idea that the man as the subject of his objects does not exist; development, then, as separation process- identification is very useful … Continua a leggere

Supervision and the Working group

Abstract This paper, based on the most modern theories regarding evaluation and treatment of acute psychiatric crises, proposes a reflection on the sense of supervision in the acute inpatient ward (SPDC). Moreover, the current issues concerning psychiatry and drug therapy, … Continua a leggere


Abstract In this presentation I briefly tell the story of this volume and the problems encountered, to describe the difficult situation that the group psychodynamic therapy with children is living, in our country and in Europe, due to multiple factors … Continua a leggere

Group Field in the Subjective Adolescent Constitution

Abstract In puberty-adolescence, the group allows and favours in the adolescent the pathway towards subjectivation, transmitting a feeling of social belonging through the use of games of reciprocal identifications. At the end of this process, the adolescent may think similarly, … Continua a leggere

The adult and the group in the years of growth

Abstract Today’s clinical, the undetermined of the contemporaneous aspects, for example what we call the borderline cases or the whole cohort of the depressive, maybe have to be considered like the symptom of a society without projects, without hope, if … Continua a leggere

Dream, group and toucht Thoughts about a dream of Didier Anzieu

Abstract The relationship between thought, the subject, the group and the dream. From a reading of a dream of  D. Anzieu given in the context of an interview and published, the author has placed emphasis on the components groupal thought … Continua a leggere