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Musique et Psychanalyse

Abstract L’attitude de Freud à l’égard de la musique fut très ambivalente. Pour lui, le risque avec la musique était de perdre la maîtrise rationnelle qu’il s’était fixé comme objectif. Après la lecture critique de son oeuvre, les psychanalystes se … Continua a leggere

Music and Psychoanalysis

Abstract Freud’s attitude towards music was very ambivalent. For him the risk was, with the music of losing rational control that he had set himself as purpose. After a critical reading of his work, psychoanalysts have examined the links between … Continua a leggere

Bion the mystic

Abstract In order to adequately understand the Bion’s mysticism we need to take in account the “catastrophic event” he meet in his life; as a matter of fact, until the half of the ’70 Bion wrote amply and skilfully about … Continua a leggere