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“When I took drugs I felt better.” Considerations on the body, from the abuse to the therapeutic community

Abstract The article explores the anatomy of the body dimension in drug addiction, it considers how body changes at the same pace as the transformations of relationships that the individual has with the substance of abuse and with the context. … Continua a leggere

The “Visting in italy” project: origins, organisation and prospects

Abstract Visiting has its theoretical roots in the research of Lewin, and began in England in the early 2000s when the Community of Communities network, led by Rex Haigh, introduced this project structured on both peer- and self-review for monitoring … Continua a leggere

Democratic therapeutic communities for the future. How can we face epochal changes without distorting our mission?

Abstract Today therapeutic communities live in a condition of uncertainty and precariousness, due to a tangle of epochal changes, from a cultural, political and economical angle. The financial trouble led to cuts in mental health services, increasing regulation and administrative … Continua a leggere

Consultation in support of the professional ego?

Abstract The authors describe their experience as consultants that supported the professional ego in favour of the clinical teams of Il Porto Therapeutic community. In providing their support to the team, the authors tried to take care of this space … Continua a leggere

Community therapy. Focusing on the foreign body. Effects on patients and caregivers

Abstract Therapeutic communities are now and have for several decades been used for a wide array of disorders that range from substance abuse to personality disorders, and from subacute to chronic psychosis. These disorders are often intertwined and causes an … Continua a leggere

Therapeutic community: a complex treatment model. The identity of institutions and the subjects of therapy

Abstract The paper means to repropose Therapeutic Community importance and adequacy as treatment process and therapeutic Method. An intensive treatment process to those people who have clinical and existential situations of a certain seriousness and complexity, wich can not find … Continua a leggere

Underpinnings of the therapeutic community: individual/group dialectic, between clinical organisation and daily life

Abstract This contribution offers a general overview that departs, above all, from a relationship with the Mito&Realtà network, and describes the underpinning of the community architecture, highlighting the basic arrangement and internal articulations that work together to achieve the clinical, … Continua a leggere

Building a course of therapeutic treatment

Abstract The author offers a reflection on the internal/external dialectic dynamic as a central element in the organisation of the therapeutic community’s task. This dialectic regards the psychic and relational life of patients who, upon admittance to the community, distance … Continua a leggere

Transcript analysis of Multi-Family Psychoanalysis Group and action research in a public Therapeutic Community

Abstract This article presents the perspective of a group of authors regarding their action research into the use of group therapy as a means to treat severe psychotic states in a public psychiatric therapeutic community. After recording various Multi-family Psychoanalysis … Continua a leggere

Set up and evolution of a rehabilitation group in a Therapeutic Community: Grounded Theory

Abstract Objective: people with severe mental illness lack in communication skills and social functioning but they do have needs, goals and dreams which can be promoted and empowered. The rehabilitation program employed in this report aims at enhancing the individual’s … Continua a leggere

Who do you think you are? Adolescent groups and everyday life

Abstract Adolescence is a period of change.  An existential change that is a change in the sense of who one is, a change in one’s identity.  It may be a catastrophic crisis in identity, so that there is an uncertainty … Continua a leggere