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Abstract In this presentation I describe the positions of this issue alternating between the crisis areas of psychiatry and the resources of groups in their various forms, without forgetting to look at the social and clinical issues of contemporary life. … Continua a leggere

Therapeutic factors in the psychoanalytically oriented homogeneous group for eating disorders

Abstract What emerges then is a self that is incomplete or vulnerable, or a self that has either not developed its own functions and objects or has only been to able to do it both by sacrificing, cutting off and … Continua a leggere

Presentation, Group with anorexic patients: therapeutic factors

Anorexia can be described in different ways, depending on what model we employ to do this. Firstly, Freud saw it as an outcome of hysteria (1895), and Abraham as an instinctual state (or instinctual failure) of the oral stage (even … Continua a leggere

Truth as a therapeutic factor

Abstract Truth – according to Bion – has a performative character; it can bring about transformations. Analysis is a “veridical process” that helps the patient become himself. In order for this transformation to positively occur, the search for truth must … Continua a leggere