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Border areas: the experience of a group of women migrants. From invisibility to the birth of a dream space

Abstract This paper aims to tell about group psychotherapy at the Opera San Francesco per i Poveri Clinic. This device is made up of migrant women from different countries, of different ages and who present different clinical conditions, who share … Continua a leggere

The oneiric world of women in the Grete Stern’ s photomontages

Abstract Grete Stern was a german fotoghaph ad designer. Due to her jewish origins, during Nazism she had to migrate to Argentina. In the 1948 she started a collaboration with the magazine for women  Idillio, on Buenos Aires. Her task … Continua a leggere

Why today women are the center of attention

“To talk about gender violence in relation to the widespread violence against women and children would mean putting light on the “sexed” dimension of this phenomenon in so much as […] the manifestation of a historically unequal relationship between men … Continua a leggere

Women victims of violence: Taking charge and impact of the work on the professional helpers

Abstract Individual stories of women victims of violence from their partners should be analysed in the light of a commune denominator, their future in a social context, a culture, a system of roles, prejudices and stereotypes still marked by the … Continua a leggere

From counsciousness raising to women’s groups of the 21st century

Abstract Female sociality, which began in spaces and times far removed from domestic society, has been organizing itself in modern societies as the feminist movement, of whose history is evoked by the author, generating through the various historical stages new … Continua a leggere

The Love that moves the Sun and the other Stars (1) Short Presentation of the edition: “Although we are women” (2)

I would like to a give a special thank you to Silvia Cimino and Luca Cerniglia, for their editorial collaboration; and to Claudio Neri, who gave life to the first working group within the course “Female groups”.   “I do … Continua a leggere

Group and women’s dreams

Abstract The paper I present to you refers in a certain way to a traditional work: the process of finding and giving sense to some recurrent dreams in long-term psychoanalytically oriented therapeutic women’s groups. But I propose to you, though … Continua a leggere