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The psychoanalytic approach of the baby observation in the family, what does it provide to the group?

Abstract The author explains why the observation of the newborn in the family, according to the method of Esther Bick, represents a resource for associative work and the group psychoanalysis. It first illustrates the different types of observation and then … Continua a leggere

A psychotherapy group for latency girls in a school

Abstract This paper describes the TOPS (Tavistock Outreach Project in primary schools) experience of running a psychotherapy group for latency girls. The group consisted of five girls in their final year of primary school whose teachers felt could benefit from … Continua a leggere

‘Open People’, ‘Homo Clausus’ and the ‘5th Basic Assumption’: Bridging Concepts between Foulkes’s and Bion’s Traditions

Abstract In this article I tried to bridge the split between the Foulkesian and the Bionian traditions, hence overcoming the outworn dispute between these two theories and practices. The main hypothesis in this article is that W.R. Bion and S.H. … Continua a leggere